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Speed Cameras

State plans on using money earned by radars only for road safety

The French government has ensured that all funds raised by speeding fines in 2005 will go entirely to promoting road safety.

In 2004, 106 million euros in fines were collected and in 2005, that figure rose to 205.9 million euros, all of which will go to the state general budget.

The government hopes to raise nearly 240 million euros in 2006. Forty percent of this figure has already been allocated to finance transport infrastructures (up to a maximum of 100 million euros). If the amount of money exceeds this total, the excess will be spent on road safety events in local towns.

Facts and figures:

* There are 1000 speed cameras in France: 700 are fixed while the other 300 are hand held

* 4.2 million fines were handed out in 2005

* On average, 20 cars are caught speeding per camera per day

* Only 70 per cent of the fines are paid

* 5 million euros has been spent on repairing broken or vandalised cameras


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