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Provence & Côte d'Azur: Michel Sapin has predicted a further drop of 0.2% in 2015

France cuts public deficit

France has announced better-than-expected figures concerning its public deficit. The figures for 2014 show a 0.4% improvement compared to previous estimations, while the country’s finance minister has predicted that the good news will be mirrored in 2015.Read more …

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Gourmet: The restaurant gained a Michelin star just three years after opening

Keisuke Matsushima: Inconspicuous Michelin star dining

Keisuke Matsushima isn’t the kind of restaurant you walk into off the street. In fact, from the exterior on rue de France, it’s hard to recognise that this even is a restaurant. But once inside you will be treated to the creative cuisine of Keisuke Matsushima, a Japanese native who has adopted Nice and Provencal cuisine whole heartedly.Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: Since February 2014, unemployment in the PACA region has increased by 5.7%

Jobseekers on the rise in the region

Unemployment has increased in the Alpes Maritimes and the Var. In February, the number of jobseekers rose in both departments and, as the news follows 2014’s historic high in unemployment, it seems that the situation is far from improving.Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: Passengers were only aware of what was happening in the seconds leading up to the crash

Co-pilot suspected of deliberately crashing plane

The prosecutor in Marseille has revealed the shocking news that a German co-pilot is believed to have deliberately crashed a Germanwings plane into the French Alps on Tuesday, killing all 150 on board. Voice recordings from the black box appeared to show that the 28-year-old had "a desire to want to destroy" the plane.Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: “I am so happy, I want to cry with joy,” said Gabriel Iacono after the verdict was given

Iacono found ‘not guilty’

The former Vence mayor accused of raping his grandson has been acquitted of all charges, bringing an end to a 15-year long case. Both Christian and Gabriel Iacono have expressed their relief and joy at the court’s decision.Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: Lufthansa says it "will not participate in speculation"

Pilot unable to enter cockpit of Germanwings plane

One of the two pilots onboard the ill-fated Germanwings airplane was locked out of the cockpit, according to reports. While this remains unconfirmed by authorities, early findings from the voice recorder are starting to reveal what happened in the vital eight minutes leading up to the crash, which killed all 150 on board.Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: The move coincides with the perfect moment to transfer between pound and euro...

Moneycorp arrives in Antibes

Moneycorp has officially opened their new office in Antibes. Located next to the marché provençal, they’re inviting everyone to drop in and say ‘hi’.Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: The association boasts nearly 60 gardens across nine departments

Jardins Ouverts: France’s first open garden scheme

Two years ago, a group of British garden enthusiasts, all based in the Creuse department in central France, had an idea: to develop a charity open garden scheme in France. Their idea came to fruition last summer, and the plans for this year’s open days, now held across the country, are well underway.Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: The search today will focus on finding the second black box

Recovery operation continues after Germanwings plane crash

The voice recorder of the Germanwings airplane which crashed yesterday in the French Alps has been recovered and is being analysed by investigators. Meanwhile, chilling stories are emerging from those who have visited the crash site, located just three hours north of Nice. Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: Germanwings is part of the Luthansa group

Germanwings plane crashes in south of France

An Airbus A320 operated by the Germanwings airline has crashed in the south of France. It believed that around 142 passengers and six crew were on board at the time the aircraft came down in the remote Alps.Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: The prosecution described Le Guennec as a pawn manipulated by corrupt art dealers

Elderly couple found guilty in bizarre stolen Picasso case

A former electrician and his wife have been found guilty of concealing 271 stolen artworks by Picasso, each receiving a two-year suspended prison sentence. The verdict closes a five year-long case throughout which the retired couple has denied any wrongdoing, maintaining that they were given the works as a gift by the artist’s wife. Read more …